About KIPP Durham College Prep School

Founded in 2015, KIPP Durham Middle School is a free, non-profit, high-performing, college-preparatory public charter school providing an academically rigorous and joyous school experience to 6-8 Grade students in Durham.

At KIPP Durham Middle, we believe education is the most powerful weapon there is to create social change, and that our students’ unique experiences and diverse perspectives will inspire them to become active citizens passionate about closing the achievement gap and advocating for social justice for all. We believe that students deserve relevant, rigorous curricula that will ensure that they are able to compete globally.

KIPP Durham Middle is an academically rigorous, college preparatory program working to prepare all students with the academic, intellectual, and character skills that will enable them to achieve unparalleled success through their high school career, college years, and in a competitive world beyond. KIPP Durham Middle’s success is built on high expectations, extended hours, innovative teaching methods, expanded academic opportunities, and above all, the unwavering commitment of students, families, and teachers.

Our Vision

Highly literate and articulate students will identify a need and actively take part in their democracy to meet that need. Middle school students will apply their skills and character to model and make changes in their communities. We will produce the most well-rounded people in Durham.


  • All instruction is geared towards preparing students for college, career, and beyond
  • Character development is integrated into all curricula
  • Students at KIPP Durham Middle receive more instruction time than their peers at district and private schools
  • Teachers are available by cell phone after school for homework help
  • Students are held accountable for behavior as well as academic success

At KIPP Durham Middle, we believe that there are no shortcuts to academic success. Outstanding educators, more time in school learning, rigorous college-preparatory curricula, and a strong culture of achievement and support help our students make significant academic gains and continue to excel in high school, college, and career.

Five Pillars

High Expectations

KIPP Durham Middle has clearly defined and measurable high expectations for academic achievement and conduct that make no excuses based on the students’ backgrounds or demography. Students, families, teachers, and staff create and reinforce a culture of achievement and support through a range of formal and informal rewards and consequences for academic performance and behavior.

Choice & Commitment

Students, their families, and the faculty of KIPP Durham Middle choose to participate in our program. No one is assigned or forced to attend our school. Everyone must make and uphold a commitment to the school and to each other to put in the time and effort required to achieve success.

More Time

KIPP Durham Middle staff knows that there are no shortcuts when it comes to success in academics and in life. With an extended school day, week, and year, students have more time in the classroom to acquire the academic knowledge and skills that will prepare them for competitive high schools, colleges, and careers, as well as more opportunities to engage in diverse extracurricular experiences.

Power of Leadership

The school's leadership team is made up of effective academic and organizational leaders who understand that great schools require great school leaders. They support the school's personnel. They are free to make staffing changes, allowing them maximum effectiveness in helping students learn.

Focus on Results

KIPP Durham Middle relentlessly focuses on high student performance on standardized tests and other objective measures. Just as there are no shortcuts, there are no excuses. Students are expected to achieve a level of academic performance that will enable them to succeed at the nation’s best high schools and colleges and in the best careers for each graduate.

Additional Information


Visit or call the school to inquire about busing.


KIPP Durham Middle uniforms can be purchased in the front office. Uniforms will either be shipped directly to the school or to your home, depending on the date ordered.  Please communicate with us if you have ordered your uniform and have not received it on-time.

School Menus

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Nurse’s Station

Families frequently use these two forms in conversations with our school nurse:

Health History in English and Spanish

Medication Authorization in English and Spanish

School Calendar

Our 2024-25 school calendar for families is available in English and Spanish.


Our 2023-24 Student & Family Handbook (which includes our Family Engagement Policy) is available in English and Spanish.


To learn more about this school’s state accountability progress, please click here.